World Water Day

W is for World Water Day 


This post is not so much about “The Green Scheme“, even though  living more sustainable and eco-centric lives are the first steps to solving this global crisis. This post is about humans- whether you are green, blue, yellow, white, black, brown, or pink. There are over 600 MILLION humans around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water, a luxury most of us take for granted every single day. So, today let’s remember that we all play a role on this planet and the lifestyles we live echo through time and space to effect all other living things on Earth. Visit to get informed and donate to the cause and don’t forget to put your W‘s up on social media and tag @drop4drop/#drop4drop to show your support! 

-The Ecologistdrop4drop

So what is “The Green Scheme” anyway?

The Green Scheme” can best be explained using this visualization of the ever famous interconnected highway system in Los Angeles, California…


Wherever you hope to travel to, there is a road that leads you right where you need to be. All the roads together (like in this photo) may look intimidating and messy but once you’ve picked the one that best suits you, its really just as simple as following it through. “The Green Scheme” works just this way. The phrase “going green” has developed a negative stigma over the past few years for a variety of reasons. To some it seems like a messy and complicated set of inconvenient bylaws that you need to integrate into your life or you will be forced to feel the overbearing scorn of 1,000 tree huggers upon your back! This blog is here to show you that its not as complicated as it seems and doesn’t have to be a rigid set of rules but instead a scheme for your own benefit that just happens to benefit the natural world at the same time!

Whatever lifestyle you currently live, in whatever place you currently reside, does NOT have to be interrupted or downscaled in order to join “The Green Scheme“. Much like the highways of L.A., it does not matter what road you choose to take as long as you pick one and follow it through. I promise you that not long into this journey that we shall embark on together in this blog, you will find way to save money, time, & energy-both yours and the grid’s (<- more on that later) all whilst saving the biosphere simultaneously.

We will focus on the human aspect of “The Green Scheme” and what makes it so beneficial to us humans as a species first because frankly, most humans are primarily interested in what gets us the most bang for our buck without expending too much personal energy. Interestingly enough, most animals share this same more bang for your buck view than you may think but us researchers just dress it up and call it “optimal foraging theory”. Either way, follow me as we find all of you your optimal “Green Scheme“!

-The Ecologist