The Aftermath

Sorry about my recent hiatus Green Schemers!

I was focused on finishing my semester strong and then as soon as I was ready to write¬†again, something happened and I couldn’t quite find the words to jot down anymore.

Now, I prefer to stay far, far away from politics and all the conversations surrounding them BUT I must say, it is a hard time to be an environmental scientist in the U.S. right now. President Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris agreement involving global climate change has shaken the science community to its core. ¬†Article after article has been published explaining all sides of this decision, the timeframe concerning it, national polls and a plethora of other conspiracy theories and general digression. However, I am not using this platform to discuss my views or to question the views of others. I am here to talk about what this all means for our “Green Schemes” moving forward.

Now more than ever is the time to follow through with our “green” actions. It doesn’t matter if you live in the U.S. and have experienced the shockwave that has hit or if you live 1,000 miles away in an unconcerned country. Our actions of citizens of this living and breathing planet will echo through time, outliving political term lengths and opinionated rants. We must now more than ever before, take steps that lead to a more environmentally conscious tomorrow. Our “Green Schemes” must continue to be woven into our lives deliberately and with forward thinking. For those of you that are feeling disheartened, you are not alone. But if your small voice in a crowd is followed by a symphony of other voices whom are all singing for the same cause, then one may not feel so helpless anymore. Continue to nourish our natural world by doing your best as a human to reduce your impact. Continue to fight the good fight for every tree and every animal that doesn’t have a voice. Continue to show tolerance and patience for other humans who just don’t get it. Continue to grow your “Green Scheme” to its greenest and share it with the world.


-The Ecologist (no matter what)